Property Preservation

Property Preservation

Property Preservation Solutions for Pre-Forclosure (PFC) and Real Estate Owned (REO) Properties

At Solution Source, our clients rely on our services to help them prevent the declining conditions of their properties while working to quickly restore the property to a marketable condition.

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Our property preservation services include but are not limited to
  • Initial inspection
  • Initial secure
  • Evictions
  • Photo documentation
  • Hazard and debris removal
  • Personal property removal
  • Winterizing
  • Repairs
  • Initial grass cuts and re-cuts
  • Systems checks
  • Vehicle removal
  • Initial janitorial service and ongoing maid service
  • Swimming pool secure, startup and monthly maintenance
  • Board ups
  • Code violation resolution / mitigation

Solution Source will secure and adequately protect vacant and abandoned properties throughout default, foreclosure, and conveyance by offering a multitude of services and abiding by the appropriate client preservation guidelines as required.

We monitor and maintain property condition utilizing inspection results and information from our field staff as well as our partner contractors to prevent declining conditions.

We communicate with code enforcement offices as necessary to address and correct issued or pending violations on properties managed for our clients with an overall goal of mitigating code violations completely.

Our Process

We also provide ongoing training for our staff and contractors to ensure they are knowledgeable in the various Investor/Insurer requirements and are completing work within agreed upon timeframes and requirements, providing accurate supporting photo documentation of all information reported and services completed, and utilizing the most cost-efficient procedures to control cost for our clients.

Solution Source utilizes both a proprietary mobile form solution and Pruven Mobile App to collect photos and information from the field and then upload to our PPI coordinators in real time.

For repair estimates we utilize a mobile software solution to complete detailed estimates in the field that can be also be uploaded in real time to our coordinators.

Our focus is to secure and protect your properties from weather damage, unauthorized access, vandalism, neglect and code violations as well as other conditions that may negatively impact the property's asset value until a final property disposition determination.

A Trusted Partner For

  • Banks and Mortgage Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Investment and Holding Groups
  • Realtors and Real Estate Companies
  • Private Property and Land Owners
  • National Field Asset Management Companies
  • Property Owners Associations (POA’s)
  • Homeowners Associations (HOA’s)
  • Property Managers
  • Individual Homeowners

Throughout Florida

We've got you covered.
From the beaches of both coasts, to North Florida and the Panhandle, our customers rely on us to provide complete and comprehensive coverage throughout Florida.


  • General Contractor (CBC1250708)
  • Roofing Contractor (CCC1331001)
  • Swimming Pool Contractor (CPC054843)
  • Home Inspector (HI173)
  • EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm

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