Solution Source provides complete, turnkey delivery from site selection to building turnover for many types of clients. Our professional, qualified team of civil engineers, project managers, superintendents, and architects are capable of designing and building quality projects anywhere in Florida.

More than 90 percent of Solution Source’s business comes from repeat clients or referrals from previous clients, engineers, architects and bankers. We attribute this success to the excellence of our associates and our steadfast dedication to safety, cost control, quality, and delivery. Our comprehensive and collaborative approach results in reduced risk, and the single source of responsibility inherent in the design/build process reduces the burden on our clients. Clear lines of communication and our ability to take total ownership of the task at hand allows our clients to focus on doing what they do best… managing their business.


Solution Source specializes in turnkey design/build delivery and provides our clients with multiple distinct advantages as compared to the more traditional design-bid-build method.


The key to the design/build approach is that it combines the responsibility for the quality of design and construction, management of scope and cost, and adherence to schedule into a single source. In doing so, design/build fosters a partnership among all team members and streamlines communication. The result is less risk for change orders and schedule delays due to errors and omissions. The single source of responsibility also decreases the burden of coordination on the client, allowing them to focus on high-level decision making and the managing of their business.


The complete scope of work and definitive guaranteed cost is established in the schematic phase of a design/build project, providing the client a solid understanding and more control over cost at the start of the project. This allows the client to make critical decisions with full knowledge of their impact on quality, cost, and schedule. This design/build approach has a significant advantage over plan/spec projects, where historically costs are not defined until after the full design is completed leaving the client the possibility to incur additional costs and schedule delays to value engineer and redesign the project.


The traditional sequential phases of design and construction can easily overlap on a design/build project, allowing the contractor to begin work while detailed construction documents are being completed which can drastically reduce bidding and redesign durations. As a result, the project can be completed up to 30% faster than projects built in the traditional manner. An accelerated schedule provides cost savings to our clients by allowing them to utilize their facilities and realize a return on their investment much sooner.


In a design/build relationship, the architect, contractor, and engineers collaborate as a team from the start of the project, ensuring all team members can review constructability and generate value engineering ideas throughout the project to maximize a facility’s functionality, design, and cost effectiveness. This comprehensive approach ensures each project is addressed with the maximum combination of experience, technical knowledge, and management skills. The result is a higher quality project that better suits the client’s needs.