Finding Temporary Office Space During a Commercial Renovation

Utilizing short term office space is one option for businesses that may be relocating their offices, upgrading their office space or who may be dealing with issues related to reconstruction and renovation after flooding or natural disasters.

The following is a guest post from Suites@Madion, which provides short term office space solutions for companies in Tampa, Florida.

Nobody likes to work in a rundown or out-of-date office. If you’re like us, then the sight of sun-stained blinds, spotty carpets and decrepit furniture doesn’t do much to encourage productivity. What’s more, you wouldn’t want to show an office like that to any clients.

Fortunately, commercial renovations are a common practice for businesses looking to revamp their office digs. In fact, there are firms that specialize in commercial renovations and build-outs.

However, office managers and building managers know that sometimes commercial renovations and build-outs can take longer than expected. Sometimes, these

projects can end up being disruptive to day-to-day office work. You may find it necessary to allocate temporary office space for your tenants or employees.

Finding Temporary Office Space

Nobody likes to think about moving offices, especially if it’s only going to be temporary. Figuring out the logistics of moving an office is difficult enough without the added frustration of finding a flexible lease or short term office rental.

While this process can be frustrating, there are a few other options available to building and office managers for temporary office space.

Recent years have given rise to coworking and shared office space venue. What began as a business incubator concept for entrepreneurs and start-ups, has grown into a multi-faceted industry. These types of spaces look at office space differently than a traditional space. They exist in flexibility and their transient nature lends itself perfectly to businesses needing temporary office space.

Temporary Office Space in Tampa

We have been seeing an influx of commercial renovations and build-outs in downtown Tampa to suit the increased workforce the area has been experiencing lately.

Don’t let yourself get put-off by a space that needs a build-out or renovation. Suites@Madison offers temporary and short term office space in the heart of downtown Tampa for businesses and professionals.

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